Fun Facts About Bidoof

Jan 5, 2019
Did you know...
Bidoof is a god?
Bidoof can fly?
Bidoof can go at light speed in an instant?
Bidoof can 1 hit KO Johnny Knoxville?
Bidoof is a legendary?
Bidoof's egg group is god?
Bidoof is a god type?
Bidoof is an artificial intelligence creature using state of the art computer tech? jk no humans could compare themselves to bidoof.
Bidoof isn't vegetarian?
Bibarel is a fake bidoof and should die?
Bidoof is capable of nuking the universe in the blink of an eye?
Bidoof can see anything? Seriously, anything...
Bidoof is a god?

How here is a poem I totally made... Do not google Bidoof Poems.
Large Bidoof
Small Bidoof
Medium Bidoof
Micro, pygmy, runt, small.
Large, Huge, Enormous, Ginormous.
You are a god.
In the rivers,
In the farms,
The great pyramids,
To the slaughter house...
You are a god of worth.

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