Having Ultra Beasts taken out of legendary crate keys or new key Ultra Beast Key


Jan 9, 2019
Yesterday i got a legendary key and was excited to see what legendary i got. i proceeded to open it and get a Guzzlord. I was let down by the fact i didn't get a legendary Pokemon out of my legendary crate key. To others this might not be a big deal but to people who ditto breed and have a lot of ultra beasts they might feel the same way too. All i am asking is to take it out of the legendary key/ Shiny Legendary key and possibly make an Ultra Beast key/ Shiny Ultra Beast key.
Aug 2, 2019
This post has been up for over a month and I believe this is needed. I will open a crate and think oh maybe a lunala? Nope and ultrabeasts. Ultrabeasts are available from eggs so It is why I don't understand why they are in the crates. Maybe for extra space for less chance of legends? Now however I will say that the ultrabeasts from the crates, unlike from hatching, have the 3 guaranteed max ivs which is nice so it kinda makes up for the fact they are in there. It may also be because the ultra wormholes are disabled, and this is just a replacement way to get them.


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Jan 5, 2019
Often when you use a legendary key, it's not even like you're gonna get anything good most of the time. The chances of getting something good from a legendary key by itself without ultra beasts are already low enough with entei being in there. I believe ultra beasts were added when they were first released to promote their addition to the game, and I agree with PikaActivist in that their just pointless to be put inside legendary crates. Even though they get the 3 31 IV bonus, whats the difference in just using IV boost tokens on a normal UB? While you're at it, buy a growth, nature, shiny, and colored name token too, keep spending money on the game why not.. :ROFLMAO:


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