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Hello all!
Not too long ago Minecraft recently changed how new accounts work, making Technic less reliable for brand new accounts.
This will be a simple step-by-step guide on how to play on our server with the Minecraft vanilla launcher.

NOTE: In order to play Pixelmon, you'll need to be able to allocate at LEAST 2GB of ram to MC. If you're unsure how to check this, it's always a google away for your specific PC. (Generally, if you have at least 8GB total RAM you can play it no problem) You also need to be running a 64-bit system with 64-bit Java. (This tutorial will not include them, sorry I don't have enough time for that yet)

1. To get started you're gonna want to get the essentials, the Pixelmon mod, and Minecraft Forge.
By going to the Pixelmon website, it'll bring you to the location of the current versions.
Once there you'll need to scroll down just a bit to the "Changelog" section and find the version you want, (In our case 8.1.2)
Then you'll need to click the two buttons in the squares below (Red for Pixelmon, Pink for Forge)
Screenshot (12).png
Both of these will take you to an Ad website, DO NOT CLICK ANYTHING IN THE MIDDLE! Those are ads and are bad for you :)
Instead, click the small red "Skip" button in the top right corner.

Screenshot (12).png

Once you click skip you'll just need to wait for both files to download. You can close out of the ad sites, but keep your browser open so the downloads don't pause.
When complete, the files may ask you to 'keep' or 'discard' Obviously, you want to keep them.
To make life easier for you you'll want to place both files on your desktop.

(Make sure the following steps are done for Minecraft "Java Edition" This is the only version the server can be played with)
2. Now, if you haven't already, open up your MC launcher and run the default Minecraft in version 1.12.2

3. If you aren't sure how to, simply click the "Installations" tab at the top of the launcher, then click the "+ New..." button.
After clicking the "New" button, you'll be placed in the "Create new installation" screen. You don't have to name it, but you can.
What you'll need to do, is click the middle tab that says "Version" and scroll down until you find version 1.12.2. Then click "Create" in the bottom right.

4. After creating this, simply hover over it and click the green "Play" button. You will get a prompt telling you it is an outdated version. To remove this prompt you can click the checkbox (I recommend you don't as it can be helpful information for other things) Otherwise, click the 2nd green "Play".

5. After MC launches, simply let it load up. Then go ahead and close the game. (You can create a world and run around for a bit if you want, but don't have to.) After closing MC, open the forge file from earlier. If it opens like a folder, close it and right-click it. Select "Open With" then "Java(TM) Platform"

6. This will give you a quick selection box. Simply select "Install client", and click "OK". After a second of loading it should pop up a box that says "Successfully installed client profile forge for version 1.12.2-forge-(A bunch of numbers) into launcher" Click the "OK" button.

7. Next, you want to reopen the MC Launcher. Repeating step 3, but this time look for "1.12.2-forge-(A bunch of numbers)" instead of 1.12.2.

8. ALSO! This time you'll want to click the little "More Options" button a bit to the right of the center. This will pop up 2 more lines, you want to go to the "JVM Arguments" line. In it should say "-Xmx2G" or something like that. If for some reason Pixelmon doesn't run when it's set to 2, or you receive "Out of Memory" errors down the line, you can change the "2" to 3 or 4.

After changing or not changing the 2, (I highly recommend you change it to at least 3 if you can) click "Create" Now close out of the launcher.

9. Next is the fun part, adding the Pixelmon mod. Depending on what your computer is, this may be simple or very complicated.
Most PCs use Windows, in which case click the desktop, then press the Windows key and the "R" key together. (This will open "Run")
In the Run window, type "%appdata%" (Without quotation marks) Then click "OK"

10. This will pop up the "Roaming" folder. simply look for a folder named ".minecraft" and open it. In it you'll want to look for a folder named "mods", if one does not exist, simply create a folder and rename it "mods" (without quotation marks). After going into the "mods" folder, simply place the Pixelmon mod file inside.

11. Next close the folder and open up the MC Launcher. Make sure you're using the forge installation and click "Play" This may have a longer wait time compared to normal MC. Once Mc is started, select "Singleplayer" if you want to test everything to make sure it's running smoothly. Otherwise, select "Multiplayer" and then "Add Server" in the Server Address bar, type in the server IP: then simply click "Done"

Then join the server like any other, click the server on the list then click "Join Server"
If all steps were followed correctly you should be able to play with no problems!
(Sorry for not including photos after step 1, am currently working on getting them but I feel the importance of this post existing outweighs a few pictures)

If you have any questions/concerns feel free to contact any staff member either on the forums (here) or on our discord in #ingame-support!
(Please keep in mind that we're human and not available 24/7 so be patient if we don't respond immediately <3)
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