Have you ever been in a situation where you lost your item/Pokemon to a glitch or scam? Well, hopefully by the end of this thread, you’ll be better prepared to have your belongings returned by having the appropriate proof.

The first thing you need to know regarding getting valid proof, is knowing how to record/take screenshots.

The default keybind to take a screenshot in Minecraft is F12. (If you’re on a laptop, you might have to press the fn button + F12)
Screenshots will usually end up in a screenshots folder somewhere on your computer. If you’re using the Pokeplay technic modpack, here is where you would find them.

Search %appdata% in your computer search bar

This should take you to this folder. If you’re using the Technic Modpack, you’ll be looking for the folder called .technic as shown.

Once there, follow these folders leading up to the one for our Modpack. There you’ll find a folder named “screenshots”, where all your taken screenshots are saved.

*Note that different launchers might save screenshots in a different location.

On the other hand. Recordings are also a good way to give us proof of something; most notably for a scam.

There are several programs out there capable of recording a video of your screen. However, the most recommended would be OBS. As it’s free and works well.

When providing us with screenshots/video evidence, there are a few things you have to make sure of;
  • Make sure the screenshot captures your full Minecraft screen. We very rarely take cropped screenshots as evidence.

  • The screenshot must prove to us that it was taken on our server; such as a recognizable location or other players present in chat.

  • If you are reporting a scam, make sure you take screenshots/record the full conversation. Everything from what the deal was, both parties agreeing to the deal, and the deal [failing] to take place.

  • If a Pokemon is missing due to a scam or a glitch, note that we’ll need proof of all the details of the Pokemon. Things like EVs, IVs, Nature, level, won’t come out of thin air. So we’ll only be able to return what we can see existed. (

If a glitch or scam were to occur, you should now be ready with all the evidence you need to make an Item/Pokemon Recovery post or a Player report. Make sure to include all evidence you have of the situation, the more proof the better!

Have any further questions regarding what you need to recover your items or Pokemon? Feel free to let us know here, on the discord, or in-game!

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