HowllR's Introduction

Jan 15, 2019
Land of Kiwi's and Sheep.
Hey everyone! So I decided that it would be appropriate for me to introduce myself to all you wonderful people.
So as most of you would have realized by now, I go by the online Alias of HowllR, I have gone through many different names, such as Platinum_Fox, Amethyst_Fox and the list goes on. (Im not sure why I was so obsessed with foxes in 2015 aha) but you can call me Will, which is in fact my birth name. I am 15 years of age and have always been obsessed with the Pokemon games ever since I first played Pokemon HG/SS when I was 6-7 Years old. I have watched almost every single episode of the Pokemon anime and still watch it to this day. My overall favorite game/s have to be the FR/LG games and the DP games, this is why you will find me on the Kanto server most of the time.
I started playing pixelmon back in 2015 on Lachlan's old shutdown server Pokeballers and was a proud owner of the Vaporeon rank which I think is the equivalent of Gold rank on here. I met some of the admins on there that are currently admins on this server, such as Dropsy and MXCapturing. On the R2 server on Pokeballers, I was Helper for about a month or so, before being demoted for not having enough knowledge of the R2 server I believe, which is why I switched back to Kanto right after because I had and still have a large amount of knowledge of it. I spent a while trying to find another Kanto region server after the Pokeballers server initial shutdown (Which Im not going to lie, broke my heart) and found this server on Jerome's Channel, As soon as I saw him spawn in pallet town, I smacked the server Ip in my Minecraft server list and joined the Kanto server, which to this day Im still playing through. (I have been on this server for about under a week almost and have over 24 Hours of game time on Kanto)
Anyway, thanks for reading my small essay of an Introduction, I hope and wish to get to know all of you more. <3 -Will


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