Okay, so I thought about how many people complain about it being unfair that people without rank and such don't have basic perms like /tpa /ivs and alike, so to try and fix this I thought of somehow making people able to obtain Ranks/Titles through gameplay, without it being unfair towards the people that already bought ranks. this is when I stumbled across the idea of making some kinda special ranks obtainable through some of the Events we have.

so for example, we could say the Christmas Event.
in the Christmas event, there's probably gonna be some kinda point currency on the servers,
so my idea is to somehow make a Rank/Title buyable, so you could for example make it the top prize in the events.

I also think it's important to mention that these Ranks/Titles would be extremely hard to get,
and would have to be the top-priced event items.

Important Notice!
these ranks would only consist of lower-tier rank perks, like /ivs /evs /tpa and alike.
Therefore stuff like /CheckSpawns Legendary /Repair and higher tier cmds,
would still be something that would have to be purchased,
through the shop with irl cash.

This is just an idea to Spice up the Events a little,
but also to make the gameplay a little more fair towards f2p players.

I hope you somewhat agree with at least some of the ideas above
and find some kinda way to implant a more f2p friendly environment,
for the players of our community.
Thanks For Taking The Time To Read Through My Idea, And I Hope You Have A Great Day! :3

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