Okay, so I was thinking of the new Raid System That's being tested on the servers throughout The Valentine's Event.
my idea is to keep the system up after The Valentine's Event, depending on how well the Raid system
is accepted by the Playersbase of PokePlay.

so when The Valentine's Event has Ended, then Instead of giving out Valentine's Keys for Participating in the Raids, then Give out Streamer keys for participating in a raid, and random rewards, depending on the amount of dmg you did in a raid.

This Would also be The perfect time to add a Command like ./Transfere (player name) (Crate Key Name)
I Believe that this command could be an Exciting new Feature for the Servers.

This is also just an idea but changing Streamer keys into Weekly keys. and then maybe add a Raid Key Instead of the above.
As Steamer Keys has more or less turned into a weekly thing anyways, as It's rarely possible to Obtain Streamer keys the intended way anymore,
due to lack of active Youtubers, in The Pokeplay Community.

Thanks, For Taking Your Time To Read Through My Suggestion, Stay Safe, And Have A Great Day!
as i said on another post suggesting that we implement a key transfer command it would increase the likelihood of more irl trade's being done which in turn will almost absolutely increase the chance of being scammed by other players and since we do not protect anyone doing irl trades and being scammed while doing so i do not think this command should ever be implemented onto the server...

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