Hey guys!

We've thought about this for long and hard, but we've come to the decision that the amount of survival servers we have is causing quite a few backend issues for us. So we've decided that for the progress and improvement of this server, we're going to close the following in 7 days:
Survival Blue
Survival Pink
Survival Red
Survival Ruby

While we don't like having to close servers, we've decided that this would allow us to focus more of our resources in making cool new features, making bigger events, and generally giving more attention to the servers that may have lacked it before.

To compensate for the closing of these servers; Until May 24th, We are offering to transfer your donation rank (if you have one), your inventory/enderchest contents and your Pokemon to one of the remaining survival servers (Alpha, Yellow, Diamond, and Pearl). Just send an email to with your minecraft name, the server you want your rank and pokemon transferred from, and where you want them transferred to.

KEEP IN MIND - Transferring Pokemon from one server to another will REPLACE the pokemon that already exist on that server. This means that you cannot merge pokemon from two servers, you cannot move multiple servers' pokemon to one server, and we can't move only part of the Pokemon you own. (This is the same for inventory/enderchest) Donor ranks will overwrite the rank of the server you're transferring it to if it is a higher rank. For example, if you are Gold on Alpha, and Champion on Pink. If you choose to move your rank to Alpha, you will gain Champion on Alpha. (This transfer only applies to the RANK itself, we cannot rerun your donation items) We are also only moving your belongings to 1 of the servers. For example, we cannot move your Red contents to both Alpha and Yellow at the same time.

An extra note about balance; while we cannot directly transfer your funds to another server, the transfer of your inventory items and enderchest should allow you to bring sufficient items along with you that you can use to sell and cover a decent amount.

We thank you all for your understanding in this change, but I'm confident in bigger and better things coming to Pokeplay in the future! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in this discord or even @ me on discord, we'll be happy to clarify whatever questions you may have!

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