Indigo Server is now out of Beta and Open to the Public!


Aug 16, 2018
Thanks to the continued support of our beta testers, we’re glad to announce that our Indigo League Server has now left its beta period! All players are free to join in on the fun by downloading our technic pack, joining the IP, and using the compass to join the Indigo Server!

As promised, with the end of Beta, this is also an announcement for the release of the Johto side of the server! If you have completed the Kanto Elite 4 and gotten your first Star Level. You can proceed to the Johto region by going through the reception gate west of Viridian City!

You'll find that the level cap has also raised to 200 for those that have made it to Johto!

We hope to see as many of you there as possible!


New member
Aug 4, 2020
I think I'm missing something. I'm entering the IP and its not working and when I try to register with Discord is says based on the info provided it won't let me create an account. What should I do?


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