We've got something really cool to release for Ranks Silver and up on the Indigo League server! If you have either the Silver, Gold, Master or Champion rank you can ask an Admin who is online to set up an apartment/house for you based on your rank!

Silver apartments get 1 double chest,
Gold apartments get 2 double chests,
Master apartments get 4 double chests,
And Champion gets 8 double chest and 1 single chest as well as the ability to customize their own house's colors!

Check out what each apartment/house looks like by using the warp sign located at the Saffron City Train station (Northwest corner of the city).
Please note that those abusing the /sethome privileges that come with these apartments will have their /home ability removed. We hope you all enjoy this addition to the Indigo server!


But many of you may now be concerned over your donator ranks that haven't been able to be transferred to the Indigo server yet. Due to some issues that occurred, we won't be able to offer the completely automatic transfer we were hoping to do. However, we have come up with a method that will hopefully make up for it.

If you had any form of donation on either Kanto or Johto, we ask that you email us at with the Minecraft name your purchase was made on, as well as any email proof of the purchases made on those servers. (If you do not have full proof of what you spent, at the very least include your minecraft name. Email proof just makes looking up your purchases a lot easier) We will look up your purchases made on Kanto and/or Johto, total up the amount of money spent, and then respond to you with a gift card code that holds the total amount. You will be able to use that gift card amount on our store in any way you like.


We apologize that we weren't able to give you guys what you were expecting, but we hope that this method will suffice.
Thanks again to all the players that donated and supported!

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