Items needed in the survival server shop, and prices that need to be reduced.


Nov 9, 2018
We the players of the survival server are running into problems gathering these resources and would like to see them added to the shop: Iron, diamonds, coal, lapis, wool, glowstone, sea lanterns, and quartz.

We have also noticed that these Items are too highly priced and make it costly to buy them: stone, cobblestone, dirt, sand, and most of the other building blocks.

We also need a place to get rid of useless items like horse armor and similar items, maybe a converter or an npc that buys them.

Thank you for being kind enough to take the time to read this and I hope this is seen and used to make the survival server a better place.
Sep 9, 2018
I can agree with the addition of wool, glowstone, etc. To the shop but I think people should still mine for themselves so that you can't just buy everything and not bother with any of the survival features.