Jerome VS Blade Event! (Ends March 10th)


Aug 16, 2018
What's up Baccas!

It's a special time of year! It's the time we get to celebrate both Blade and Jerome's Birthdays! (Happy Birthday!!!)

So in order to celebrate, we have a couple of things in store for you all to participate in. As you may have read in the title, this is no ordinary event, this is a battle between the two major figures of this server! However, you guys, the players, are going to be the ones in charge of who wins this standoff!

It works as follows, there will be a series of Daily quests you will be able to complete on each server. Completing a quest will grant you one bottle of Bacca Butt Shampoo per day! Once you have collected a good amount of Bottles, you can go to the spawn town to turn them in for cool prizes.

To help you guys out, I have decided to give you guys the number of how many daily signs are available to complete on each server.
Kanto, Johto, Hoenn:
- 8 Boss Trainers that give 1 Bottle per day.
- A maze that contains a maximum of 3 Bottles per day.
- A quiz that gives 1 Bottle per day.
- 7 Random Porygons scattered around the map for a chance to each give 1 Bottle per day.
- 2 normal quests located on the map that each give a Bottle per day.
- 4 collection quests that each give a Bottle per day.

- 4 Elite Trainers that give 1 Bottle per day.
- 2 Normal quests that start on Spawn Island that give 1 Bottle per day.
- A Maze that can give you a maximum of 5 Bottles per day.
- A Quiz that gives 1 Bottle per day.
- 9 collection quests that each give a Bottle per day.

Here comes the voting part of this event. Jerome would love some Bacca Butt Shampoo for his birthday, but Blade would also love those bottles all for himself, just to keep from Jerome! Whoever's board you turn your Bottles into, is the person you will be voting for in this event, either Jerome (Blue) or Blade (Red). If you decide you would like to change your vote, all you have to do is turn in your remaining bottles to the board of the person you would rather vote for. You cannot vote for both.

Once this event has ended, Porygon-Z will tally up all your votes and announce who your victor is! This event will last till the end of Sunday, March 10th, so make sure you get as many prizes as you can.

On top of all this, during the time of this event, Experience gained from battle AND Shiny spawning rates have been DOUBLED on ALL SERVERS!

We hope that you guys will enjoy this event as this is the first time we're attempting an event of this style! Good luck out there Trainers!