***Kanto Staff E4***


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Oct 17, 2018
Hello everyone!

So you may have already heard that Survival was having their own E4 with their players. However, Kanto is also getting our very own staff E4!
What this means is that after beating the NPC E4 through Victory Road, you now have a new agenda to complete on Kanto: Beating the Staff E4.
The members of the Staff E4 on Kanto will be:


Step-in Champion: Ryukushio! (aka Selina)

Here's the catch though: We will be using any sort of Pokemon that we can get our hands on, including legends.This is meant to be a challenge, to be harder to defeat us than the NPC E4 since it is rather easy to beat.

If you do defeat all four of us in battle, then YOU get to be the champion that players in future have to face! However, if you fall to another player when you are the champion, you lose the champion title and the player that defeated you will be crowned as the new champion.

Bag Clause will be infect. (No revives/ potions during battle)
No raising level to cap. (Be prepared to face level 100 pokemon with your current pokemon.)
You may heal pokemon at Pokemon Centers or /pokeheal
Always have fun!

UPDATE! (11/24/2018)

Hey my Kanto friends I know a lot of you were looking forward to this event, however a few things came up from the admins and they want us to work on this a little bit longer before we try to roll it out. If we do, they might be willing to assist us with a few things to make this better experience. I am very sorry for the second delay and I hope you all can forgive us for it. We have decided not to have a release date at this time, but know that it will be soon.

UPDATE! (11/20/2018)

Hey everyone so we as staff have decided to only do this once a week every Saturday at 10-11 P.M. EST due to our ever changing schedules and different time zones, this was the best day and time for us to be on all at once. But with the week intervals, it gives us time to gather more prizes and for you guys to train if you don't manage to defeat us the first time. As always have fun everyone!


Just to let everyone know our original plan was to launch this on Monday, November 19th @ 10 P.M. EST. However due to the boss Pokemon Raticate taking over the servers for a time, also because we all live in different time zones, we have decided to push the start date to Saturday, November 24th @10 P.M. EST. We are sorry for the delay, but I would also like to announce for the first few people to become Champion there will be extra prizes thrown into the mix! (Shiny Pokemon, Megastones, Rare Candies, and Items!) I will post a list of prizes you can choose from on here and edit them out as players take from them.
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Oct 17, 2018
Prize Post:

Once you have defeated us you may choose from one of the following or receive 100k cash or 15 rare candies. The "X" represents how many I have on hand for this event to be given out, NOT how many you will receive. Keep this in mind when choosing your prize because I will not swap prizes once you have made your choice.

I will be crossing out the items/ Pokemon as I run out of them, so keep a close eye on the prize you want.

Lucky eggs x 3
Exp Shares x 2
Amulet Coin x 2
Power Anklet x 1
Slowbronite x 1
Gyaradosite x 1
Charizardite (Y) x 3
Kangaskhanite x 1
Pinsirite x 1
Venusaurite x 1
Alakazite x 1

Rhyhorn x 2
Golbat x 2
Arbok x 1
Persian x 1
Butterfree x 1
Exeggcutor x 2
Ghastly x 2
Pidgeot x 1
Graveler x 1
Doduo x 1
Goldeen x 1
Tauros x 1
Venonat x 1
Caterpie x 1
Psyduck x 1
Golduck x 1
Nidoran (M) x 1
Nidoqueen x 1
Clefable x 1
Rattata x 2
Koffing x 1
Magneton x 1
Seel x 1
Onix x 1
Ditto x 1
Nidorina x 2

This is not everything that will be up for this event, more will be added on as I collect more items/ Pokemon!
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Oct 17, 2018
But in all seriousness are you guys making actual comp teams or are you going on mono teams? Because the first one would make this a very interesting process
We are doing themed teams just like the real e4. But may change it up later depending on if the players can defeat us easily.
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