Light Pokemon Update and Sale


Aug 16, 2018
What up Baccas!

First I would like to wish everyone that is celebrating it a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Today we are releasing our next batch of custom pokemon, the LIGHT POKEMON. Just like our shadow pokemon, these are not just retextured pokemon but they also come with completely custom types, move, stats, and evolution methods for a small few. So head on over to our store to pick them up for yourselves as they will change the meta of the battling scene on the servers!

As it's also the holidays, we are now starting a Black Friday to Cyber Monday sale where everything on the store RIGHT NOW is currently 50% off! There is no better time to head on over and pick up some of our new custom pokemon, and maybe even some tokens to help make them even stronger! So Happy Holidays from all of us here on Pokeplay to all of you!

See you on the server!


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