Massive Pokeplay Updates!


Aug 16, 2018

======== Pokeplay Changes 5/28 ========

We've added A TON of new updates to the server to help improve both your experience now, and obtaining information into the future!

The #whats-new chat! From now on, any time we fix/add something new, even if it's the smaller things we usually don't bring up in our big announcements, you will be able to view those changes from this #whats-new chat. So be sure to check this often! (This chat also currently has the changelogs that came with the new Pixelmon version!)
FAQ Chat; here we will be posting answers to some of the Discord’s most frequent questions to make it easier for new members to find their way around the most common obstacles.

We’ve added brand new art and animations onto the Store! Check them out at!
Added a new format for Forums Recovery support to more easily get you the correct support outside of discord.

Added Ilex Shrines to each Survival Servers
[Survival] Part of the Ultra Dimension seems to have leaked into our Ocean Biomes... Ultra Deep Sea Crystals can now be fished up using a Good or Super Rod from Oceanic Biomes!
Added the /checktype Pokemon command. Let’s you check the typing and weaknesses of any Pokemon at any time

[Survival] Added Zygarde Cells and Cores to the Daily Crate (More ways to obtain them will come soon!)
[Survival] Added Red Chain and Zygarde Cores/Cells to the Streamer Crate
Re-enabled Amulet Coin’s effects
[Survival] Added the Reassembly Unit to the Machine Shop
[Kanto] Added a Sign outside of Saffron City that allows you through the Gate if you’ve already given them Fresh Water once (Starting today)

Claims are set to expire after 30 days of consecutive inactivity as opposed to 14 days.
Adjusted ./hunt on Johto to be functional and only list Pokemon that will spawn on the map

We have a lot more stuff planned for the future and we really hope you'll join us in discovering them! Thank you!


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