Meltan/ Ore Shop

Aug 2, 2019
Hi! This is kinda two suggestions so here goes.

1. Meltan on the pokeplay store. I think you should be able to buy meltan on the store instead of spending ages trying to get one just to spawn only for it to have a 40% of actually being a meltan. It's extremely tedious and frustrating especially if you are like me and have horrible luck.

2. I think there should be a an AI at the pokemart sort of like the pokeballs and blocks seller, but for ore. It gets hard and very time consuming mining for ore. I feel like this could be a great benefit to a lot of people.


Active member
Jan 5, 2019
tbh, it's not a bad idea, but it would be extremely easy to get meltan this way, unless ores are heavily overpriced people would abuse this to make pokeball bases, and it would give a high chance of providing a meltan every 800k pokedollars or so if your luck is as bad as you say. The pokeball lids could easily be cycled back into more pokeballs to sell and break the economy. Although thats assuming you mean iron ore or bauxite ore. Should gold, etc. be added, then you would be wasting money having it in the shop at all because meltan would be the only use of the shop, maybe instead of attaining meltan via the store or poke mart, just make it a prize for an event such as the scavenger hunt such as the one in winter of 2018 so players would have to be active, do something fun, and not complain about awful luck being their downfall.


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