New Prestige System


Aug 16, 2018
What up Baccas!

For a long time now, people have always wanted a way to be able to reset and restart their progress on the Adventure servers. Well, we heard you all loud and clear and have now come up with a new PRESTIGE system that will allow you to do just that!

To start, we're only going to be having this new system on the Kanto server so that we can see the interest people have in it as well as adjust any issues or anything else we may want to add to it. Once we're sure it's exactly how we want it, we'll be adding it to the other adventure servers as well (and maybe even the survival servers).

So how does it work, and what happens?

Once you've beaten the Champion E4, you can head back to spawn and check out the new Prestige area. It's important to note that by prestiging, you will be losing all items, all money, and all pokemon. This does include those attained from purchases. You will then be able to pick a brand new starter (there are now nine options of starters to choose from). The new starter will be a custom Prestige skinned pokemon, and these starters will not be lost if you decide to prestige again later on. There are even prestige gyms and E4 that will be buffed up and made harder for you to take on!

All information can be found on the server as well as on our wiki here!

Do you have what it takes to become the first Prestige Champ?!

I hope you all enjoy it and I'll see everyone on the server!


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