New Survival Servers!


Aug 16, 2018
What Up Bacca's!

On Monday, May 27th we will be opening up a brand new Survival server we'll be calling Survival Blue!

Now I know a lot of people have been looking for and waiting for the Alola server to come out, and we are still working on it! However, we are also opening up Pokeplay to be a host for other YouTubers, not just JeromeASF! That's right, we've got 4 big YouTubers coming to PokePlay that will each have their own server where they'll be doing a series on as well as hanging out with all their fans!

The first one will be releasing on Monday, May 27th and will be featuring the L8Games duo Nick and Jordan (channel found here!).

Our Next server will be released on Friday, May 31st but for now, I'll keep who will be on that a secret, for now, suffice to say though they are very excited to be hopping on their servers and getting started!

Can't wait to see everyone on the PokePlay servers as we've got even more coming out and planned even after this week's additions so stay tuned and thank you, everyone, for all your support!

Jan 5, 2019
Survival ooga booga!

Btw why have separate servers for youtuber? It's gonna be sad when some don't kick off like intended or die after a week and become the new johto region.
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