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Jan 31, 2019
The /ivs command is a perk that only really saves time. You can still find out your pokemon's IV's by using a IV Calculator online. I'm not a donator on Kanto and that's how I've been doing it since first joining the server.


Aug 16, 2018
It's understandable that you may feel this way about this, but let me show you why not having it isn't exactly so bad as it may first seem. There are these IV calculators all over the place, which will actually calculate your Pokemon's IVs the best it can. Here's an example of how accurate it can be on a Pokemon of mine, using the following online calculator :

As you can see, pretty good huh? Now obviously, you probably won't want to fully train your Pokemon to 100 to get it's exact IVs, that'd just take too long. Here's another example using a Lapras I just got on Kanto:

You can see how the Possible IVs aren't actually that far off. Now, here are some tips as far as using a calculator like this in the best way:
- The higher level a Pokemon is, the more accurate the calculation. This is because of the way IVs are calculated into a Pokemon's stats. It's not a simple 1 to 1 conversion. At level 50, 2 IVs = 1 stat point, at level100 1 IV = 1 Stat point. That's why the Arcanine's calculation was completely accurate, which Lapras's was a close estimation.
- Since in order to get the best calculation, you might want to train the pokemon a little, it is always recommended you keep a log of what EVs you're gaining from training. When a Pokemon defeats any enemy Pokemon, it will gain EVs depending on that Pokemon, and those EVs, as you can see in the calculator format, do play a role in the Calculation process. Here is a good list of what Pokemon give what EVs:émon_by_effort_value_yield

This may all seem like a drag, but "p2w" for me at least, means that you donate for something that you wouldn't be physically able to do anyway else, and as I've shown, IVs doesn't fall under that.
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