PokePlay Easter Egg Hunt! - Ends 28th of April


Aug 16, 2018
What up Baccas!

The Admins have met up with the Easter Diggersby and helped him set up this amazing Easter Egg hunt for you guys!
On each server, Diggersby has hidden 30 Easter Eggs for everyone to find on their own. They can be found anywhere on the map on Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn. In Survival's case, the Easter Eggs can be found around the spawn area.

You can track the number of eggs you have currently collected by looking at the yellow number next to your name in tab. You may also notice you can see how many everyone else has collected at that time too! So race your friends to see who can find all 30 eggs!

At any point during the event, you can come over to the Prize Booth (Warp found on the pink boards near the server's /spawn), and turn in your collected Easter Eggs for some cool prizes!

The event will last from the time of this post till the end of next week Sunday EST (28th April).

We hope you guys enjoy this little event we organized for Easter, and we wish you all a nice holiday!
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