What's up Baccas!

During this event, you and your fellow players will be completing the quests set up on the server to gain points for both yourself and your server.
Many of you have already noticed the "Server_Score" bar on the right side of your screen. That keeps track of how many points everyone has generated for the server.

The Quests for the event are split into 2 Routes. Adventurer and Battler. Each route has 5 quests that give more points the farther in the path you are. You can complete both routes for a total of 300 points for both you and the server you're on.

But what do these points do? Well, your individual score displayed in the Tab menu can be used later in the event to collect prizes, or even donate your own points to increase the server score! (The Prize room will be released a bit later than the launch time. So get stacking on those points!)

So what does the Server Score do? Well, this is where the competitive part comes in. Each server has its own Server Score. At the end of the event, the scores will be compared. The server with the highest score at the end of the event will earn themselves a very special treat afterward!

Good news for those that play on the adventure servers! You guys get a special advantage this time around. The Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn scores will be COMBINED at the end of the event. And if they win, ALL THREE of the adventure servers will gain that very special treat we have planned at the end. That means you guys on survival will have to work hard to keep up the pace!

In addition to the Quests, there's another way to gain points. If you come online every 24 hours, there's a daily sign on the main board that has a 50% chance to grant you 10 extra points per day!

The event will open up at around 9:30am EST on all servers. And the event will last for 2 weeks, until Friday the 19th of July.

Good luck! Have fun! And listen to staff ;)

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