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1. No Hacking/Cracked Clients, Cheats, Hacks, etc.
Using any of the above or any program that gives you any cheated advantage and modifies your game in any way will result in a ban without warning. This may include DDoSing, Dosing, Doxing, threats of the previous mentions, and/or Swatting.

2.No Advertising
Putting in chat any links or names of any other server, pornographic images or websites, or personal links are not allowed. Doing so will result in a warning and if continued can lead to a mute and/or Ban from the server.

3. No Glitching or uses of Exploits
Any glitch or exploit must be reported to a staff member immediately. Anyone found abusing a glitch and/or exploit will be banned from the server and asked to make an appeal.

4. Racism, Discrimination, Swearing, Sexual, and Derogatory terms and remarks will not be allowed
This server is meant to be very kid-friendly and any use of the above mentioned is not welcome. Anyone found doing such things will first get a verbal warning, however, if they do not stop will then be muted/banned from the server as needed.

5. No Spamming
There are some cases where we may allow spamming due to game purchases or special events. However on a normal basis, repeating the same phrase, flooding chat, repeat or random characters, writing gibberish is not allowed. We also ask as we are an English based server that all players only use English in chat so that our staff team may be able to properly moderate the chat. Anyone found breaking this rule will find themselves muted.

6. Respect all Players and Staff
Our staff is volunteers that are here to ensure the server runs as smoothly as possible. They do not have the option of ignoring rule breakers. Anyone that is found disrespecting or disregarding them will be punished. First found offenders will get a verbal warning and if continued will be muted or banned.

7. No Scamming
Scamming is not allowed on this server. Players that do not live up to their deals will be punished. If you are found guilty of scamming you will find yourself jailed until you live up to the deal or give the item/pokemon back. If you refuse or simply log out, you will be banned from the server.

8. No Selling In-Game Items for Out of Game items
Any trades or deals made that involve an out of game content or money will not be allowed or protected by our staff. We will not be held liable for returning or giving any items traded through these kinds of deals. Anyone found scamming someone in a trade for real-world content will be banned.

9. No Bypassing Mute/Ban
Anyone found using an alt account to bypass any punishments will be banned and will immensely hurt any chances of being unbanned again.

10. No Inappropriate IGNs or Skins
This is a very kid-friendly server and as such any players found using any inappropriate IGNs and/or Skins will be asked to change them immediately. Failure to do so will result in a ban off the server until the name and/or skin has been changed.

NOTE: Any and all of these rules and punishments can change or add to at the discretion of the Admin team at any time.
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