======== PIXLEMON UPDATE 8.0.2 ========
The server is now running on Pixelmon Version 8.0.2 as of June 23rd, 2020. If you are using our Technic Modpack, make sure that it has updated to the correct version before attempting to log on!

Pixelmon Mod Changelogs:
Added new Pokemon!;
- Grookey - Thwackey - Rillaboom - Scorbunny - Raboot - Cinderace - Sobble - Drizzile - Inteleon - Skwovet - Greedent - Rookidee - Corvisquire - Corviknight - Blipbug - Dottler - Orbeetle - Nickit - Thievul - Gossifleur - Eldegoss - Wooloo - Dubwool - Chewtle - Drednaw - Yamper - Boltund - Rolycoly - Carkol - Coalossal - Applin - Flapple - Appletun - Silicobra - Sandaconda - Mr. Rime - Runerigus - Stonjourner - Eiscue - Galarian Yamask - Galarian Stunfisk - Sinistea - Polteageist
New Alternate textures for Azumarill, Aegislash-Blade, Shedinja, Claydol, Salamence, Porygon-Z, Greninja, and Ash-Greninja. The way to obtain these forms are currently unknown.

New Rainbow Skarmory Texture (Available by using a Rainbow Wing item on a Skarmory)
New Zombie/Halloween appearances for Sableye and Mega-Sableye
Added New Abilities - Gorilla Tactics - Screen Cleaner - Corrosion - Innards Out - Propeller Tail - Ice Face
Added New Moves - Snap Trap - Stuff Cheeks - Tar Shot - Snipe Shot - Dragon Darts
Added Dream Balls
Added Heavy-Duty-Boots
Added Nature Mints
Added Curry Items and Ingredients
Added New Decoration Items such as Street Lights, different Benches, Mugs, and Added Crafting Recipes for Couches

Rare Candy can now be used on level 100 Pokemon to trigger evolution
Removed the 100 EV cap from vitamins, allowing them to be used for the 252 single stat cap/total 510 cap
Updated healing berries to heal a third of health rather than an eighth
Zygarde Reassembly Machines don’t break as easily
Bikes can no longer be placed on the same block
Pain Split no longer triggers the Disguise Ability
Updated Models for the following Pokemon; - Regice - Sandile, Krokorok and Krookodile - Politoed - Skorupi and Drapion - Cryogonal - Snorlax - Yamask - Goldeen and Seaking - Paras and Parasect

Fixed missing text for when Wishiwashi’s Schooling ability activates
Fixed Lucky Punch and Leek items not applying the increased Critical-hit chance
Fixed Large TV not dropping itself when broken
Fixed some dyeing issues with Mareep
Fixed Vanilla Clients being able to connect to Pixelmon servers
Fixed Ability Capsule being usable on Zygarde
Fixed a crash related to Zygardes with an incorrect form

PokePlay Resource Pack:

We have made some extra changes to our Server Resourcepack! Install it through the server, technic pack, or manually from our discord using the !resourcepack command
Adjusted the Yellow Glazed Terracotta to have a slightly more orange shade of yellow
Adjusted the stained glass colors to have a colored tint to them instead of being completely transparent
Changed Marshadow’s Base Shiny Form to have the look of Shiny Zenith Form
Certain Gen 8 Pokemon have been given a custom made sprite by us!
Download pixelmon reforged 8.0.2 and you’ll be able to play. It might be easier to use our technic pack Pixelmon Pack. You’ll need Minecraft java edition
Like I said before, download pixelmon reforged 8.0.2 or use or technic launcher pack Pixelmon Pack to play on our server. It’s Minecraft java edition on the pc, version 1.12.2 and you need pixelmon reforged version 8.0.2 (which our technic pack covers all of that). The ip of the server is

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Pokemon is owned by the Pokemon Company a subsidiary of Nintendo. Pixelmon is owned by Pixelmon Reforged