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Welcome to the OFFICIAL Pokeplay Survival F.A.Q.

This is the F.A.Q. for all of our Survival Servers

Here you will learn everything that is essential to become an expert Pixelmon Survivalist. Let's Go Learn it All!

Q: Where do I go?
A: At spawn, follow the pathway to the Pokemon Center where there will be 4 warp signs which can be right-clicked to warp you to a certain wild location to start exploring.

Q: How do I breed, get OP Pokemon?

Q: Do legendaries spawn or do I need to buy them?
A: Legendaries do randomly spawn in the wild, when one spawns, an announcement is displayed in chat.

Q: How do I get more claim blocks?
A: More claim blocks can be obtained by just playing on the server, claim blocks could also be bought from the server store.

Q: Is there a way to teleport back to your claim?
A: You can /sethome in your claim, and then you will be able to do /home to get back to your base.

Q: How do I get rid of my claim?
A: While standing in your claim do /abandonclaim. To abandon all claims you may have, use /abandonallclaims.

Q: How do I trust players in my claim?
A: Do /trust (playername)

Q: Are there gyms in the server?
A: Yes scattered around the map.

Q: My base has been raided/claimed/stolen/is gone.
A: When you are inactive for 2 weeks, your claim will be removed. It is fair play for anyone to claim/raid your base.

Q: Is there RTP?
A: No, but if you purchase a Bronze rank or higher, you gain access to the /tpa command.

Q: Is this Pokemon/Generation on this server?
A: We are updated to Pixelmon Reforged Gen 8 at this point in time.

Q: How do I get an Azure Flute?
A: The azure flute is obtained by gathering all 17 plates, and then by going to spawn and clicking on the Chalice sign on a board, you can turn in all your plates for an azure flute..

Q: How do I get this command? Why don’t I have access to this command?
A: Commands such as /ivs and /evs can only be used by donating for rank on our store ( ). To view more perks for each rank, visit our store.

Q: Is this <biome> in the world?
A: All biomes are on all worlds.

Q: Is Schematica allowed?
A: Schematica is allowed, however the printer part of schematica is not allowed

Q: What do the evolution stone armors do?
A: They provide various effects when the full set of one type is worn, to learn what each set provides here is a link to the wiki page on this topic

Q: Can I go to the Nether/Ultra Dimension?
A: No you can’t since all other dimensions have been disabled. However, you can obtain ultra beasts through Ditto breeding or opening Legendary crate keys.

Q: How much is this worth?
A: It really depends on the buyer/seller. There is no set value for items unless they are sold in Poke Mart.

Q: What are rotating shops?
A: Shops that change items weekly, you only get a certain amount of uses for each item you want to buy (Iron ingots have a max of 10 uses)


Since this is harder to explain with a few words, here is a small guide to claiming. We also have a board at /spawn to give you more commands, but this is just the basics to get you started.
  1. You will need a golden shovel (one is given by getting the kit at spawn for when you first log on the server or you can simply craft one.
  2. You will need to hold your shovel and select 2 corners to make a rectangular shape. It must be at minimum 10x10 in an area.
  3. You can resize your claim by right-clicking one of the corners on your claim and right-clicking again somewhere else to make it bigger.
  4. Check the size of your claim by right-clicking with a stick.
  5. You can do /subdivideclaims to enter subdivision mode and make smaller claims in your claim for a town type of claim (You can exit it by doing /basicclaims)
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