Discord and In-Game Rules:

We’ve re-visited our discord and in-game rules and made certain adjustments, clarifications, and additions. Please refer to the #rules chat on discord as well as /rules on the server to make sure you’re up to date.

Discord Media Chat and Submission Form:

This is for those that record and create content on any of our servers on Poke Play. Pinned in the #media chat on Discord, you’ll find a form that will allow you to submit your video for review. You will have to include your Minecraft username, your Discord tag, as well as making sure your Youtube account is linked to your Discord account. If your submitted video follows the rules listed on the form, it will be showcased in the #media chat for everyone to see! (This process will have to be done for every new video you post if you decide to post more than one).

Streamers who don't post video content have to be handled case by case as they will have to undergo a longer approval process to ensure that they will follow the rules in a live setting.

Some new commands:

All servers now have Pokedex completion rewards you can view by doing /dex list. (Due to Pixelmon not having all Pokemon implemented, the 100% reward won’t be available until after the Mod has included them in. However, Admins will still manually give a shiny charm to those that complete the total amount of Pokemon possible in the mod currently.)

A new /trainerhelp command has been added to the servers. The plan is to include other help commands such as /bronzehelp, /claimhelp, etc; to make remembering what commands you have a lot easier.

New Link commands that link you to different sections including; /forums, /discord, /apply, and /report.

The Daily Crate Key has been changed from a sign next to the crate to doing /kit daily on all servers. (apart from OP)

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Pokemon is owned by the Pokemon Company a subsidiary of Nintendo. Pixelmon is owned by Pixelmon Reforged