Hey there Pokeplayers!

On behalf of all the staff here I would like to start off by wishing you all a Happy Valentines Day!

Before we get into what we have in store to celebrate, I first want to relay some information regarding the OP server. Due to an unexpected error, OP experienced a loss of every player's rank and permissions. This isn't something that was caused by anyone/anything in particular, it was simply an unfortunate circumstance.
While we are still working to salvage people's ranks through our store history, I have come to the decision to keep it down for the time being. This is because recently, it has seen quite a decline in interest compared to our other 3 servers. So rather than bring it up the way it was, I want to take this as an opportunity to re-evaluate the direction OP needs to take to become a much better server for you all.

I welcome players of OP to give us feedback on the flaws in the concept of OP, and if you have any suggestions that we can take into account! We'll be providing more information as we form a more concrete plan of action.

On a brighter note, as a gift to you guys, the Snr Mod and Admin Team have been hard at work on our new Lunar Heart Island!
On Indigo League, Survival Reborn, and Hoenn, for the next 7 days, you will be able to visit Lunar Heart Island from a warp sign near /spawn. On the island, you'll find special Valentine textured Pixelmon, which you can preview from our wiki page:
You'll also be able to start the Valentines Questline, where you will help the Legendary Cresselia around the island.

If you are looking to get a specific Valentine Pixelmon, you have the option to buy one from our store for a limited time! Make sure you have our custom resourcepack installed to view these textures.

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