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Sep 5, 2018
Denmark, Russia
What’s up Bacca’s!

As you know, fire type and water type Pokemon do not get along very well. The wise Slowking has appeared on Pokeplay and he needs you to help these Pokemon get along! The Slowking will be somewhere near spawn on each server. Through a series of daily quests, you will be able to obtain Love Points! With the help of other players on the server, the Love Points you collect will show the opposing sides that by working together, you can get anywhere! You’ll be able to use these points to get some rewards!

The quests you can do during this event will be divided into 2 different sets of quests (Fire Quests and Water Quests). Fire quests will be centered around battling trainers and water quests will be centered around using your intuition to complete the quests.

Here are the different daily quests you can partake during this event:

Battle trainers: You will be able to find 5 trainers. You can fight these powerful trainers for Love Points!
Maze: You will be sent to complete a maze by the Slowking. Your job is to reach the end!
Scavenger Hunt: You will be sent to a room where you will need to find 7 Valentines gift!
Timed Race: The Love Doctor has a challenge for you. Can you beat his race in under 25 seconds?
Quiz: Use your knowledge of Pokemon to get through this quiz! Warning: It won't be the same every day!
Fetch Quest (Survival only): A board with various requested items can be found on the server. With each set delivered, you will be rewarded!
Parkour (Adventure only): Use your parkour skills to make it to the tree in the middle of the park!


Additionally, we have added Valentines skins for a limited time on the PokePlay store! Go visit: https://store.pokeplay.io/

Good luck and make sure to listen to staff members during this event! The event will last for 1 week meaning it will end on February 21st.
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