Hey Pokeplayers!

We’re very grateful for the overall positive response to our revamped Survival Reborn, and remind you that if you haven’t redeemed your compensation package yet to reference our previous announcement!

Today we’re happy to release our Winter Event that will last from now until the end of January 10th. Here’s what you can expect to find during the event;

- New Winter Textures for Snover, Abomasnow, Stantler, Skorupi, Drapion, Wooloo and Dubwool (PC Icons for these textures will be implemented when completed in the next week.

- Winter Event Map you can travel to from the warp signs near the spawn of the respective server.

- Underground Toy Factory Scavenger Hunt : Find all 20 loot signs to redeem a Random Winter Legendary! (Sharing Locations will not be allowed; if you find someone doing so please report them to staff)

- Galarian Articuno Feather Quest : Go to Articuno’s shrine on the Winter Map and collect it’s feathers to convince it to join your team! (Sharing Locations will not be allowed; if you find someone doing so please report them to staff)

- Level-up Side Quests : The Winter Village has 3 locations for Side Quest you can do a max of 1 each per 24 hours. Completing these will reward you with a Winter Key.

- Winter Crate : Has been updated to include the new Winter Textures as well as the elusive Rainbow Wing!

- North Pole Battle Tower : For Veteran Trainers looking for a challenge, try to battle your way to the top of the North Pole for a chance to claim a Shiny Hidden Ability Litten!

- Winter Move Tutor : Within the North Pole Building you will also be able to find a Move Tutor that will teach your Pokemon exclusive Ice Type moves!

- Christmas Headbutt Tree : Headbutt the Christmas Tree once a day for a chance to find special drops such as Shiny Rowlet, Snowballs for the Tutor, and Master Balls!

Winter Pokemon will also be available for a limited time on for those who want to purchase them directly.

Happy Holidays on behalf of the entire Pokeplay Staff Team!


New member
Hi I'm wondering does the event end at the end of the 10th of January or does it end at the start of the day?
Thank you

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