PokePlays Winter Holiday Event!


Aug 16, 2018
What's up Baccas!

It's that holiday time of year! A time of celebration between family and friends! So the Admins have decided to come together to share that joy with the community of PokePlay!
Here's a summary of what you can expect on each of our servers!

Santa was attacked by a Villainous Group claiming to be Team Aqua all the way from the Hoenn Region! Their leader has taken the most precious gifts into their hideout, and Santa needs a Trustworthy Trainer to help him! Complete Santa's Challenges and prove to him you're worthy of this task! Santa has also hidden some Easter Eggs along the way, can you find them all?
Your first stop is Santa's Workshop, at the north pole, when you're prepared, hop on Santa's Sleigh at spawn and head off to your first challenge!


Some of you may already have seen it, but a cave has seemed to have opened near spawn. Your job is to go down in it and figure out what's down there. More information is given to you before you enter the full event, so make sure you pay attention to your chat! While the main event is completed, the whole event won't be available today, but don't worry, your prize is just waiting for the right time!


In Johto, your Christmas journey starts at spawn. There you will find the Main Quest line that will take you through quite a few adventures across the entire region, but you'll also find side quests with their own rewards scattered around, so keep an eye out for those too! Also, more side quests will be coming throughout the event, so just because there wasn't one somewhere before, doesn't mean there won't be one there tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled!


This event will last on the server until the end of the 13th of January, so we're excited to see what you Trainers are capable of completing.

REMINDER: We have a new Community Goal set on the store! Now, when the goal is met, a MAD PIXELMON DISEASE will spread across all the servers, turning all currently spawned Wild Pokemon into Ultimate Bosses!

We hope you have as much fun going through the events as we had when setting them up, and we wish you all a Happy Holidays!

~PokePlays Admin Team!
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