you can recieve cleffa from ditto eggs :) and it is actually pretty common
Considering that Cleffa is one of about 800+ pokemon obtainable from ditto eggs, it's just as common as every other pokemon available, i.e. 1/~800 chance. on reborn, i have hatched probably 1000 ditto eggs and not gotten one from it, which is statistically unlucky, but regardless, it it not common by any stretch of the imagination


as elley2slushy stated in the last message on here as long as clefairy or clefable is mother the baby will be cleffa
It may be possible to get every Pokémon without breeding dittos, but the community strongly dislikes the system and this is are way of saying we want this changed. I am sorry if this is not how you feel this is going off of what I have seen.

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