Today marks the day that we release the Safari Zone for both Indigo and Survival servers!

You can get there by warping with /warp Safari. (Leave with /warp spawn)

Within, you will find that all 4 seasons have been included. For Ranked players, all 4 seasons will be accessible at any time they want. For those that don't have a rank, they will still have full access to the current season; Fall Most if not all Pixelmon should spawn as you walk through the grass throughout the Safari Zone, and a full spawn list can be found on our wiki;

Legendaries will still spawn in the Safari Zone. However once survival gets its' legendary shrine update, the Safari Zone will also be including the concept.

Soon the Safari Zone will also include features such as Boss spawning areas, timed boosted zones, and respawning loot. So there's still plenty to come out!


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