Shadow Pokemon Update


Aug 16, 2018
What up Baccas!

Our science team has discovered a brand new breed of pokemon on the server! SHADOW POKEMON! Do you have what it takes to conquer their awesome power and add their strength to your team?

Head over to now and pick yourself up a Shadow Pokemon all for your own right now.

These pokemon are not just retextured pokemon, they come with new types, abilities, move-sets, and even evolution methods. For example, a shadow Riolu is no longer just fighting, it's now Dark/Fighting, and instead of evolving during the day, it will require it to be the night! It's evolution form Lucario will also no longer be Steel/Fighting, but instead, be Dark/Fighting!

The Stats GUI will not properly display the correct types as of this moment, but there will be an update coming that will fix that and display the correct new types.

It's important to know that in order to see the new textures for these pokemon you will need to have our resource pack enabled for the server. You can also download it here


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