shiny charm

Aug 30, 2018
so since the mod added the shiny charm to the mod i relized that while the survival servers have a chance at getting it with all pokemon spawnable and able to breed ultra beasts the region servers are unlucky since we cant really complete the dex on them so i was wondering if it could be sold on the store since theres a command to give someone the charm
Jul 16, 2019
I would definitely agree with this,
Although i would have to say, not for a cheap price, due to shiny value ect.
I'd advise at least a similar price, or higher price than the 3 Mega stones that you can buy.
But i do love this idea.


New member
Jun 16, 2019
While I do see where you're coming from, I don't believe selling the Shiny Charm is the route to go. While the Adventure Servers do have perks that the Survival Servers don't, we're also very limited to how much we have to do. The Shiny Charm would add much needed Post-Game content for players who have completed the server's main storyline.
Obviously, that raises the question of how players would obtain the charm in question. I don't believe there is a command to detect if a player has select Pokemon, not to mention the practicality of checking all the Pokemon obtainable in that region (Including Evolutions). I don't think having it mimic the master trainer system would be a good idea, but perhaps a separate quest system that verifies that you've gone through the game and know the regional Pokemon, requiring that you've completed certain mini-quest along the way (i.e. Obtain all the Mega Stones, Become Champion, etc).


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