By talking to some of the players who stuck with OP, I've come up with a few suggestions.

Firstly, one of the biggest complaints is the difficulty of getting Pokémon to the level cap. Rare candy is just as hard to get on OP, as it is on reborn, even though the level cap is 100x higher. This could be fixed by making hunts and kits give 10x more rare candy (making champs get 200 rc over the 20 before, and hunts being worth around 150 rc.

The main issue I've seen people have with OP is that its just a much harder version of the current survival survival server. at OP's core, its identical to reborn, just with a level cap that's much higher.

Another issue with OP is that there really isn't too much replayability. you make a base, get some Pokémon, then spend weeks getting one of your Pokémon to the level cap. Most people don't really want to do this, so they just quit.

These are the main two issues I, and others feel there are with the server, and in all honesty, I feel as though the concept works well in thought, but pulling it off in reality was always going to be difficult.

As a different kind of suggestion (one that is highly unlikely to happen), a new mod could be introduced to OP, and possibly ported to other servers if it is received well. I'm not talking about something huge like ProjectE or Tinker's, but something more sensible and lightweight, like IronChests/IronFurnaces, FutureAdditions, or OpenBlocks (that's kinda pushing it), some other lightweight mod that wouldn't affect core gameplay, but would help make OP special and stand out over Reborn.


Rare candies are easy to get, I use to average 200 a day, I don’t think they should change anything at all
if your pokemon starts at level 5k, it would take you 25 days of constant farming to max it. considering you have 6 pokemon, you would have to constantly grind rc for over 21 weeks to max a single party of pokemon from halfway to the level cap

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