Survival Alpha Reset


Aug 16, 2018
What Up Players!

As most people saw we polled our community with the idea of resetting the Survival Alpha server. This was not a decision I wanted to make lightly and after talking with staff and the community, I have decided to go through and do a reset of the map.

What does this mean? What will be reset and what won't be?

  • The map will be reset and builds will be lost
  • Pokemon files will be kept so there will be no loss of pokemon (this includes party and pc and all items your pokemon are holding)
  • Number of claim blocks you've managed to acquire will be kept
  • Inventory and items will be lost
  • Crate Key balance will be kept
  • All Money will be lost

The reset will also put the map on a different seed as well.

As for when the reset is going to happen, we're looking at doing this on this Thursday, June 6th (allowing enough time to pass for everyone to become aware of it and prepare themselves as needed). After the reset is done, I will also be releasing a download link of the current map so that those that wish to keep their builds still and work on them on their own will still be able to.

We appreciate everyone's understanding in this matter and do think that this reset will help the Survival Alpha server in the long run!



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