Survival Structure Building Service Open For Business + Building Contest

Sep 9, 2018
So, I figured that people like other people building cool stuff so I decided to do this because I'm poor.
Just send a message and we can make an arrangement. My IGN is also Ch3rn0byl in case you didn't know.​

I will be hosting a SOLO building contest and the 1st place winner is allowed to join my service.
To enter just give your IGN and coords for your build.
If I find any evidence of cheating, the build will be immediately DQ'ed and you will need to make a new one.
I am giving everyone 2 weeks to complete their build so it will end on January 25, 2019 at 12AM EST.​

*Disclaimer the builds may take a while so your request may not be put into effect
for some time if I am working on a big build for another client.​
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