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Come one come all to a planned tournament! (Note: This entirely hosted by Teh_Shi So don't complain if he's asleep.)
This will be a very simple tournament for anyone who has the time to join can join, However it will cap out at 28 players.
Before I give the details on Prizes and such, here's the simple rules for this tournament: No Legendaries/UBS/Mythicals
And the following Pokemon will also not be allowed (These were decided upon specifically.):
Heracross, Smeargle, Ditto, Mimikyu, Cloyster,
Greninja, Kangaskhan, Metagross, Blaziken, Blissey,
Sableye, Alolan-Ninetales, Scizor, Serperior, Gliscor,
Ferrothorn, Salamence, Lucario, Ribombee, Aegislash,
Shuckle, Toxapex, Machamp, Sylveon, Magikarp. (Gyarados is usable don't worry :D)
In addition to that, Bag Items will not be allowed either (I.E. Bag clause is active), and Certain Mega Evolutions will also be banned.
Banned Megas:
Alakazam, Gengar, Gyarados,
Mawile, Banette, Garchomp,
Sceptile, Swampert, Altaria, Audino.
If you use any of the banned Pokemon or Mega Evolutions You WILL be Disqualified and will not receive any rewards.
Aside from that, to enter in this you must simply reply to this thread with the following format:


Yep pretty simple, but If you can't send a reply (Either you don't have a forums account or you lost access to it) Simply bump into me in game or Ping me (preferably in #off-topic) in the server discord. If you can't get in touch with me Gatos will also be available to help you sign up. NOTE: There is only 28 slots available in this tournament, Once all slots are filled there won't be any chances to enter.
Anyways now the real reason on why you took this long to read a forum post, THE REWARDS! :D
1st Place will get Gold rank on the server of their choice, 2nd will get Silver, and 3rd Bronze. (If you already have that rank across all servers discussions will be held after the tournament concludes) And anyone who doesn't place in the top 3 Will get some Rare Candies on Alpha! 10 for players who make it into round 2 and at least 5 just for competing :D

The tournament's date will be figured after all slots for the tournament have been filled.

The Bracket System will also include a Losers bracket (for a second chance to one skillful player) in the 2nd round.
More details will be given after the player sign-ups have ended. So good luck out there! :D

NOTE: This tournament will be held exclusively on alpha. (Obviously you will have some time before it begins to plan a team if you need it :D)

Round 1
1v2 9v10
3v4 11v12 17v18 23v24
5v6 13v14 19v20 25v26
7v8 15v16 21v22 27v28

Round 2
1/2v3/4 13/14v15/16 25/26v27/28
5/6v7/8 17/18v19/20
9/10v11/12 21/22v23/24

Round 2 P2 Losers Bracket - One person from round 2 will have a chance to re-enter.
L1vL2 L5vL6
L3vL4 L7 (Randomly decided) - Bye

L1/2 v L3/4 L5/6 v L7
L1/2/3/4 V L5/6/7

Round 3
W1 V W2
W3 V W4
W5 V W6
W7 V Loser Bracket winner.

1/2 V 3/4
5/6 V 7/LBW

Round 5 - FINALS
Whoever VS Whoever
This bracket will be replaced by a Picture when I have time to make it, so don't worry if it seems unclear as of the moment. Also the players this bracket accounts for is 28, If we don't get to 28 players I will adjust the bracket accordingly.

Current players Entered (24):
Gatos1103, CrazySeal, destrower1, Maestormu
BookwriterXK, xiaoxiaode, TrueBaccaFTW, Jhcw0111
Alexdaboss2003, RAMYKISHK, Lt_Jrthan, peachiecake
KinqDejavu, piekingieie, Dwyrm, Jordan3001
Ayden889, LittleAzteca12, H2oNinja, Sainnn
CuboidWhisperer, Black_Panther49, RedstoneRanger9, Lemon_Demolition
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Ngl banning both Ferrothorn and Mega Swampert is hard for my team.
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