The Intro For None Staff :D

Sep 8, 2018
Hey guys, its DrMonty hooking you up with some hot, spicy, saucy (all that good stuff) memes! Anyway, I thought I would make this just to get all of the none staff here to introduce themselves to know a little bit about each other so feel free to comment on this whatever you want to offer to the table. It can be anything (memes, about you, the staff, the game. You name it, you can talk about it)

Enough rambling on from me, my name is kris and I'm 14 years old. I have a brother and i tend to game quite a lot while I'm at home or sometimes spend time with my family and friends, after all, they are what you care about the most. I'm usually on most of the time on weekends but on school days, I will usually be on from 4 at the earliest, and 12 at GMT time at the latest so you might see me in game :D.

Just also wanted to make this to hear about how everybody's day is going actually or whatever day you see this. Feel free to message me whatever you have to say to me.

For now, I'm doing my own thing. I'll see you guys later


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