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Jan 5, 2019
For some time now even after the few months I've been playing there have been several rules not present in /rules which the helpers are telling us to read. But they also have so many external rules we have to follow such as no afking, or inappropriate builds, and warn people for using "LOL" instead of "lol", I find it unfair they can warn us for something not present in /rules, its uncomforting you're excited to join a new server and get warned for something you had no clue wasn't allowed. Yes you get a warning no actual punishment for afking, but still should at least be mentioned in the rules. This also includes the fact afk pools are bannable, no automatic egg hatching loops, no looping the launch pads, no tpping an unranked to an unranked for them, no scamming (this is obvious, but not in rules), no telling others where event secrets are, etc.
List of server rules:
1.Don't abuse caps, and don't try to spam the chat.
2.Be nice and respectful to everyone. <-- not followed by several
3.Swearing is NOT allowed at anytime on the server.
4.You will not lose your inventory if you die. <-- seems more like a tip
5.Do not exploit any bugs or glitches on the server.
6.Do not ask staff to spawn in pokemon for you.
7.Do not use any hacks or 3rd party programs (Hacked clients, Gamesharks, etc.)
8.Please only speak English so our staff can accurately moderate the chat.


Aug 16, 2018
In seriousness, the rules are flexible and the way they are so that we as the Staff team can do what we need to do to maintain order and stability within the server environment. No person could ever go over every specific chat scenario that would be punishable, that just isn't possible. There will always be areas where people will look for loopholes, and that is not something that we would want to incur onto our current servers.

Several of your claims can actually be disproven in this case.
No AFKing was solved by an AFK kicker, with which the no AFK machine rule comes forward, as it would be bypassing what the Staff has put in place, disrespecting us.
Inappropriate builds: We don't allow any inappropriate behavior, and since you're worried about specifics, it does not state that that rule is chat-only, which means that this falls under that rule as well.
LOL instead of lol is a simple unnecessary use of caps. Acronyms are treated as a word, and do not require full capitalization to get the point across.
No scamming is present in the rules, I figured since you're asking for them to be changed you'd know where they all are.
The use of Tpa from donors has no rule limiting what they do with it. So if someone said there is, they're wrong.

Warnings are given so that you have a chance to change your behavior before punishment is taken. If you believe warnings are unfair, how fair would it feel if I muted you every single time you may accidentally break a rule? Nothing additional happens to you once you've received a warning, it just means if you do it two more times you get a punishment. All we're doing is letting you know, hey this is wrong, and giving you a chance to fix it, as well as letting you know for future reference that what you did isn't okay.

Point of the previous comment was that no matter what amount of rules or specification you put down, not everyone is going to know them, not everyone is going to follow them, and that's why we have staff here to enforce them. No punishment is given without a warning, apart from the selected few that are listed clearly in our rules. And if the warning is ignored, then that's no longer our fault.


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