Choose The Ideas That You Think Would Improve Your Gameplay On The Survival Servers!

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whether people know it or not, the weekly shop is partially revolved around players anyway. if you're asking around for a specific item, or mega stone, its quite likely it'll be in the next weekly rotation. For example, 2 weeks in a row, I've been looking to buy specific items, and both following weekly shops had them sold. just asking to buy stuff while helpers and up are on relays the need for that item to the staff team so they can plan the next shop accordingly
alot of these options would cause more damage to the server than you would think....the hidden ability token has been suggested so many times in the past and as others stated it would make everyone too op and make bosses and event npcs too easy....ranks being available thru events/crates would hurt the server as donations help keep the server alive....they do have a cost to keep running....transferring keys would cause a more pay to win aspect and encourage more IRL deals to be made on the server which possibly increases the chance of scams which we do not protect IRL deals,having /fly in your claims is not really needed as you can fly on pokemon,however i do agree that maybe the higher donor ranks possibly having a monthly crate would be nice considering the amount of fossils we get in our streamers =/

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