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@Anyone ask how to play, you play by downloading the AT launcher and installing the pixelmon instance then you should push play and it will open minecraft for you and put in the pokeplay Ip.
Hey guys my name is Allen and my IGN is THE_RedMagician. I was born on December 12 2000, age 17. My favourite activities would be photography and soccer. I appreciate the fact that you guys love the server and that you guys give it a lot of effort. It's so much fun. Gotta catch em all. Have fun and take care.
Hello I had a question Bladehell? How do I play pokeplay? I see there is a link but it doesn't work for some reason, if you can tell me how to as soon as possible that would be much appreciated. Thank you for the help if you do help that is.
i apligised to everyone and jumping on blocks is a pvp habbit not much more i can say
i apoligized for messing with the stream which had nothing to do with jumping on blocks...